因為疫情影響下,我為Max選擇了Trinity Grade 1 的online test ,起初我都會擔心Max 能否應付,始終Max都是初次去陌生地方應對考試,加上要讓小朋友獨自進入房間並要online zoom 形式進行考核,心情難免會感到害怕,幸好導師Michael 有豐富經驗,平時授課時都會有讓小朋友去了解和明白為何要去考試及如何去面對考試!這是非常重要!Michael 不只是教導Max英文,而是更細心照顧學生心理質素,好讓Max有充足身心準備應付考試心情!不然的話,只會浪費考試與金錢。作為家長當然都想Max抱住輕鬆愉快心情去應考試,不想附加太多壓力給他!

結果,Max 第一次去到試場不單沒有害怕更勇敢面對,並在Trinity Grade 1 便可取得A  Distinction成績!

之後我仍會選擇Michael  去教導Max 學習英文,並會set Grade 2 為下一個目標😉

Max took the Trinity GESE Grade 1 online test with some trepidation. Fortunately, due to the tutor - Michael’s deep experience and guidance, Max was well prepared to take the exam. As a parent, of course, I want Max to take the exam with a relaxed and happy mood, and don't want to put too much pressure on him! Michael not only teaches Max English, but he went beyond being his English language tutor and helped him build his self-confidence. As a result, Max was not afraid to face the exam for the first time, and he was able to achieve Grade A, Distinction in the Trinity GESE Grade 1 exams.

I have full confidence in Michael as Max’s English language tutor, and have set Trinity GESE Grade 2 as the next goal😉!

Ms. Tracy Tsang